Which Saltwater Aquarium Fish Are Best for Beginners

You’ve probably heard that keeping a saltwater aquarium or saltwater aquarium fish is more challenging than keeping a freshwater aquarium. It is true that maintaining the tank clean and the water balanced requires a little more effort and devotion. This may mean you need more aquarium supplies and closely monitoring your tank.

However, picking the best saltwater aquarium fish, having the right materials, and setting up the appropriate tank may make it simpler for you. Here are some of the best marine fish to keep if you’re just starting:

Firefish Goby

The Firefish Goby is a long, slender fish with a light-coloured body and a crimson, orange, or magenta tail that is ideal for saltwater tank novices.

The Firefish Goby has a calm personality, making it an excellent choice for community aquariums. They are peaceful, non-aggressive, and will eat practically everything. They’re also entertaining to observe since they move quickly and conceal.

Royal Gramma

Because it is peaceful, appears in various brilliant hues, is affordable, and is resilient, the Royal Gramma is an excellent addition to any saltwater aquarium.

Although Peaceful, do not keep with its own kind or similar looking species in aquariums below 250 litres. Royal Gramma’s can be kept in groups in larger aquariums, we would suggest a minimum of four.

Clown Fish

The Clownfish is one of today’s most popular saltwater fish, thanks partly to the Disney film Finding Nemo.

You may recall that Nemo was a Clownfish, and you’re in luck if you’ve wished to add one to your saltwater tank. Clownfish (particularly those grown in tanks) are pretty simple to care for. Because it is one of the most common saltwater fish, it is easy to obtain food for it.

Ocellaris Clownfish grown in tanks are more resilient and colourful than those captured in the wild. These vibrant fish are active and don’t hide as much as their tank mates, making them a fun addition to a beginner’s saltwater aquarium.


Many saltwater fish demand enormous tanks, such as those of 450 litres or more, which might be intimidating to a novice. That is why the damselfish is an excellent choice since they only require a 135 litres minimum tank. They’re also quite hardy.

Because damselfish may be hostile, provide them with lots of hiding places, and they will stay to themselves. There are also a lot of lovely colour combinations to pick from.

Green Chromis

The Green Chromis is a peaceful fish that is easy to care for and would be an excellent addition to a new saltwater aquarium. It is a schooling fish that thrives in an aquarium with lots of live rock.

In a well-lit aquarium, the Green Chromis will look fantastic, especially if individuals are schooling. They’re also inexpensive and colourful, a terrific combo for a newbie saltwater fish keeper.

Cardinal Fish

The Cardinalfish is one of the more unusual-looking options, and there are several variations to choose from, including the Pyjama Cardinal and the Bangaii Cardinal. For this fish, a 135-litre tank is suggested.

Cardinal fish prefer to stay together and are most active at night. They enjoy having a variety of hiding spots during the day, so ensure you provide them with natural plants and rocks.

Conclusion – Which Saltwater Aquarium Fish Are Best for Beginners

Saltwater fish are fascinating and can easily be one of the most enjoyable pets. By picking one of the best saltwater fish for beginners, you will be able to enjoy saltwater fish-keeping in a way that is rewarding and fun, regardless of how much experience you may have.

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