There are often a few causes which can be overlooked and easily resolved when trying to place an order online. Have a look at our suggestions for troubleshooting below in the first instance as this may help clear up your query.

1. Check all mandatory fields

There are certain address fields that are required to be filled out as they are mandatory and required to fulfill your order. Often these can be overlooked or missed. Scroll back up the page and make sure that all fields are correctly filled in. See if any of the fields are highlighted in red/pink or with an asterisk and ensure these are correctly filled in and you should be able to complete your checkout and proceed to payment.

2. Check you have filled out your billing address details correctly

There are certain address fields that are required to be filled out as they are mandatory to fulfill your order. Checkout over your address details and make sure you have filled them out carefully and correctly. On screen notes should point you in the right direction to correcting these.

3. Have you entered your delivery address details correctly?

Ensure that you have either selected “Use Billing address” or that all fields are correctly filled out for delivery.

4. Have you selected the Terms & Conditions confirmation box?

At the bottom of the checkout pages below your order total is a tick box “I confirm that I have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions of this website” please ensure you have read our terms and conditions of sale and selected this tick box to confirm.

5. Are you getting an error message on the payment gateway when entering card details?

There is a range of reasons why this could happen. Here’s an overview of what could have happened:

  • Issue with the card you are trying to use – Please contact your card issuer or try another credit/debit card.
  • Transaction failed – Your card doesn’t have enough funds or failed the security checks.
  • Your address details don’t match those expected by the card issuer. Please go back to the website and check that you have entered your billing address details exactly as they would appear on your statement.

Alternatively if you are still experiencing problems with placing your order please telephone us on 01733  312 142 to place your order and let us know exactly where you were experiencing an issue.