What Are the Best Pond Fish for My Garden Pond

Having a garden pond with colourful fish and plants can enhance any garden’s look. But, of course, you need to find the best pond fish that will not only add colour to your pond but also be perfect for the pond ecosystem.
If you’re wondering what pond fish to get for your garden pond, read on as one of the best pet fish shops in the UK shares this quick guide with you:

Wildlife Ponds

Wildlife ponds are usually shallow ponds. They are typically created to encourage native wildlife to flourish.
Adding a selection of pond plants will provide shelter and cover for wildlife and help inhibit unwanted algae growth.
It is best to keep only a few small pond fish in a wildlife pond. Goldfish varieties are best suited to a wildlife pond; the best way to maintain a sustainable ecosystem in a wildlife pond is by avoiding larger species such as Koi.

Goldfish Ponds

Goldfish are one of the most common types of fish that you can use in your pond. There are several varieties of goldfish to choose from; Common Goldfish, Canary Yellow Goldfish, Sarasa Comets and Shubunkins are the most popular.
These fish won’t grow too large and are relatively inexpensive, and you can use them for several purposes.
You can use goldfish in a large garden pond with other pond fish like Koi, Orfe and Tench or in a small pond. However, if you use them in a small pond, you need to be careful that you don’t overstock the pond and allow sufficient space for them to grow.
When choosing goldfish for your pond, you must choose a type that will do well in a pond environment. It’sIt’s also crucial to find the correct care requirements for the goldfish. If you have any questions about this, just reach out via email, our Google My Business or our Facebook page, we are always happy to advise and help.

Koi Ponds

If you have a water garden, you can add Koi to enhance its beauty. These fish are available in various colours, and some breeds are rare, so they surely can add to the beauty of a water garden.
Koi grow large and will need a large pond with adequate filtration systems to thrive,
Keeping Koi can be very expensive, so you must consider your budget and affordability when planning your garden pond.
As with other pond fish, you need to prepare the water in the pond to be suitable for the Koi to live in.

Conclusion – What Are the Best Pond Fish for My Garden Pond

Having pond fish that are colourful and will add to the beauty of your pond is one of the best things that you can do if you have a garden pond. However, you need to ensure that the pond fish will thrive in the environment you create. So make sure you learn as much as possible about the fish you want to get – what it needs, the aquatic plants you need, and more.
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