Tips to Choose the Best Location for Your Fish Tank

After you buy your fish tank, selecting a location for it is an exciting and vital decision for both you and your fish. A decision that will be pretty permanent for large fish tanks, so you should think carefully before choosing a spot. Finding a balance between a practical and attractive setting is critical, so here are some pointers.

1 – Keep It Away from a Window and Sunlight

On the topic of balance, sunlight and your fish tank do not mix well. Sun rays can be very harsh, and too much light can raise temperatures and lead to algae growth. The end result is that the fish could become unwell or sadly die.

Don’t place your aquarium right by a window, especially if direct sunlight is not uncommon. If you have windows that face the sun, consider putting your fish tank in another room that has more stable temperature conditions.

2 – Put It in a Quiet Area

Many people want to put their fish tank next to the place where they’ll sit and watch TV. While this is a natural decision, it is not ideal. The constant sound of the television will be distracting and loud noises can be alarming to fish and will adversely affect the fish’s environment.

It is better to find a place that is always calm and quiet. If you have a separate room for your fish tank, this is the perfect location for it.

3 – Consider Visibility

There are some big fish tanks you can buy, and if you have a large living room, you can place them in the middle of the room. But you should also consider which angle you want to see it from and the size of your room.

Consider where you will sit or what position will look best for you. You should also pay attention to the size of the fish tank. If the fish tank is too large for the size of the room, this isn’t an ideal situation.

4 – Make Sure It Is Near Electrical Sockets

The location of your electrical plug sockets or outlets is a consideration to make when positioning the tank. You can use extensions but be careful about not overloading and also following manufacturers’ guidelines. Remember you will likely require lights, filters, heaters and other equipment next to the fish tank. Make sure that the electrical outlet is in a centralised place because there are often a lot of cords and equipment. Remember to incorporate a drip loop to stop the possibility of water running down the electric cable and into your power socket.

5 – Keep Other Pets Away

You have pets like cats and dogs, which you love very much. However, it is not a good idea to let them near your fish tank. Pets can make noise or even disrupt or damage your fish tank. Even if your pets do not intentionally enter your fish tank, it is possible that they can jump on the edge of the tank and cause damage.

Conclusion – Tips to Choose the Best Location for Your Fish Tank

These simple tips should help you find the best location for your fish tank.

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