Red Sea 4-part Complete Reef Care Medium (300l)

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Red Sea Reef Care now offers unique programs that ensure optimal coral growth and coloration, tailored for reef systems with and without refugiums.
The new 4-part Complete Reef Care is a simple but comprehensive program revolving around a single weekly measurement of Calcium, which determines the dosages of all 4 parts.

The Complete Reef Care is formulated in four parts to ensure the stability and bioavailability of all the 36 elements; however, all four parts are provided in a single pack, with small, medium, and large packs to suit the full range of aquarium sizes. The individual container volumes are set according to the ratio that they're used up, so all four containers will always finish at the same time. Simply set the initial recommended dosages according to your aquarium type and adjust them as the Calcium uptake changes over time.

For algae control in non-refugium systems, it is recommended to enhance the activity of naturally occurring nutrient reducing bacteria by using Red Sea's NO: PO,-X. This unique complex of carbon substances and other organically bound elements provides a controlled biological reduction of algae nutrients (Nitrate and Phosphate).

The original Reef Care 7-part Foundation and Trace colors supplement program allows precise dosing of each of the 3 Foundation elements according to their individual consumption, and dosing of the 4 Trace element complexes either according to the Calcium supplement, or the individual consumption of their lead element.

Reef Energy Plus is an enhanced supplement, that provides the complete nutritional components needed by Soft, LPS, SPS, and non-photosynthetic corals for vitality, growth, and coloration. Reef Energy plus is recommended for daily use as part of the Reef Care program for all types of system, both with and without refugiums.

Reef Care Recipes® are easy and effective guides to maintaining your reef aquarium.
Simply decide which of the 2 main aquarium types shown in this brochure best describes your system, and follow the associated recipe for systems with and without refugiums.
Each specific Reef Care Recipe® outlines the ideal water parameters for your system and explains how to maintain them:
o Which salt mix should be used, how much and how often you should change your water.
o Which supplements should be added, with indicative levels of daily dosage.
o Which water parameters need to be tested, how often, as well as the recommended test kit.
The recipes provide simple to follow instructions for each of the main types of reef aquariums.
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