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Randalls Goby 6cm

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Randalls Goby (Amblyeleotris randalli)
AKA Tangerine Line Goby

Maximum size:

Suggested minimum aquarium size when adult:
90 litres


Will eat frozen Mysis and Brineshrimp, will usually eat flake or pellets if they sink to the bottom.

Reef safe:
Yes, avoid keeping with very small Shrimps e.g. Sexy

Generally peaceful with other similar sized fish, if kept with active species, ensure enough food reaches the bottom. Best kept singularly.

Other information.
Can pair up with some species of Pistol shrimp (Alpheus species) to form a symbiotic relationship. The shrimp digs a hole and goby is a lookout. The goby warns the shrimp of approaching danger, and if necessary they both retreat into the hole. Like many gobies this species in known to jump out of open top aquariums.

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This is a library photo of a 6cm Randalls Goby taken at The WaterZoo, exact appearance may differ due to natural variations and lighting conditions.
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