Pond Guardian Tonic Salt 2.27kg

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Pond Guardian Tonic Salt assists the pond owner in safeguarding against fish disease.
Pond Guardians unique formulation helps create the perfect environment for pond fish. It stabilises pond water conditions, including pH level. Pond Guardian Tonic Salt is a major ally in helping your fish maintain its osmotic balance, it also reduces the toxic effects of nitrite.
Pond Guardian Tonic Salt is a versatile water treatment and can be used in a variety of ways.
1. General pond tonic, a 0.1% (1 gram per litre) concentration will help the fishes immune system to combat disease
2. As a pH buffer, Pond Guardian can prevent excessive swings in pH helping to keep the pH at a stable level for pond fish. A 0.1% (1 gram per litre) concentration will achieve this.
3. Anti Stress, Pond fish can be subjected to stress, this can be caused by numerous factors including, overcrowding or poor water quality. Stress can make fish more susceptible to diseases. A 0.3% (3 grams per litre) concentration will help reduce fish stress.
4. Supportive, when treating some diseases such as ulcers, dropsy or fungus with medication, adding Pond Guardian Tonic Salt can aid recovery. A 0.9% (9 gram per litre) concentration will achieve this. However, when adding salt at this high concentration it should be done over 3-4 days. This level should not be maintained for more than 2 weeks as plants may be damaged.

How often should it be used?
Once Pond Guardian Tonic Salt has been added to a pond it will remain indefinitely, only being removed by water changes or water overflow. When Pond Guardian Tonic Salt is removed in a water change the volume of replacement water should be treated with the original dosage rate to return the pond to the desired salt concentration. If at some stage the treatment is repeated to combat another problem, remember to take account of the original dose when calculating the new dosage level.

2.27kg is sufficient to treat 2270 litres (500 gal.) at a 0.1% dosage level.
Pond Guardian Tonic Salt is currently only available for collection and payment in store.