Fauna Marin Bacto Therapy 250ml

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Fauna Marin Bacto Therapy is especially developed mix for all kind of marine aquaria.

The perfect Mix of halophilic and probiotic bacteria cultures, removes waste products derived from fish food and helps with degradationof particulate organic deposits and accumulate detritus.
Additionally, the long term build up of organic waste is reduced, also the amount of pathogens is lowered to a degree of minimum risk for fish and coral diseases.
Fauna Marin Bacto Therapy is a super efficient and concentrated mix-culture of marine and probiotic bacteria strains.
The bacterias already reach their highest activity levels shortly after the initial dosage.

Fauna Marin Bacto Therapy allows for the most healthy and live friendly water you can manage to get for your aquarium.

Extremely concentrated mix of halophilic and probiotic bacteria
Specially selected strains for degradation of organic waste and pollutants
Hydrolytic enzymes and special nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria for quick nutrient removal
No “rotten egg” odor
Enhanced growth and better colors for fish and corals
Reduces the long term build up of detritus and anaerobic waste products
Reduces stressfactors and minimizes the risk for fish and coral diseases
Contains directly active live bacteria in very high amount
Super high cell density and small dosage for perfect costs control
Developed and produced by Fauna Marin in Germany