Blue Throat Trigger 8cm

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Blue Throat Trigger (Xanthichthys auromarginatus)
AKA Red Tooth Trigger, Niger Trigger

Maximum size:
30cm rarely seen larger than 20cm in the home aquarium

Suggested minimum aquarium size when adult:
300 litres


Will accept frozen Plankton, Mysis and Brineshrimp, may take flake food when settled.

Reef safe:
Good Trigger for the reef aquarium, although larger specimens may eat small shrimps, e.g. Sexy Shrimps.

One of the most peaceful Trigger fish, mixes well with most fish. One male can be kept with several females, if all added at the same time. Avoid keeping with other Triggers.

Other information
Males have a prominent Blue Throat. An active swimmer once settled, so ensure plenty of open space.

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