Blood Shrimp

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Common Name: Blood Shrimp (Lysmata debelius)
AKA Fire shrimp

Maximum size:

Easy, although does not tolerate sudden changes well

Will eat most foods offered.

Not applicable, but may be more visible in aquariums that don't have intense lighting.

Water movement:
Not applicable

Peaceful, can be kept solitary or in a pair, can be kept in groups in large aquarium, but this does result in some aggression. Can be shy in busy reef aquariums with many fish. Avoid keeping with large or aggressive fish that may view the shrimp as food.

Other information:
Arguably one of the most colourful marine shrimps with its deep red colouration, white spots, antenna and feet. They are hermaphrodites, so any two individuals can mate, although raising the offspring is incredibly difficult in captivity. May clean passing fish, but less likely to do so than Cleaner Shrimp. This species was named after Helmut Debelius a prolific author and underwater photographer.
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