AQUAEL LEDDY SUNNY 16w 820-950mm

Aquael Leddy Sunny 16w 820-950mm

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The AquaEl Leddy Retrofit employs advanced LED technology. As a result, they emit the same amount of light as regular fluorescent lamps while consuming half the energy, and translates into considerable savings on electricity bills. An additional advantage of LED modules is their durability. Unlike the regular fluorescent lamps, whose light output drops by half after one year of use, LEDs can be used for many years without replacement, thereby saving even more money.
The AquaEl Leddy Retrofit are very easy to install. Each model is supplied with special adapters so that they can be assembled into any lighting units with either T8 (25mm) or T5 (16mm) fittings. They are great for installing in light unit that have become faulty and replacements are not available, as these LED's have an independent power supply. Colour temperature 6500K, similar to natural sunlight.
Aquael Leddy retrofit are currently only available for collection and payment in store.