Tropical Fish Freshwater

We receive at least two deliveries of fish each week. This means our tropical aquariums generally have over 300 species to choose from. Behind the scenes we have a large quarantine area, where new arrivals are rested for 7 days before going on sale. All our fish are fed three times a day on either Tetra Pro flake, Tetra Prima or Gamma frozen food.

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We have six tropical freshwater filtration systems, this enables us to give the more specialist species ideal conditions.

Two for general tropical freshwater one with 67 aquariums holding 1850 gallons and a smaller one with 46 aquariums holding 1,125 gallons.

A nano system with 28 aquariums for the smaller aquarium fish, including a nice range of Siamese Fighters.
One for Malawi Cichlids with 18 aquariums holding 450 gallons

One for Discus and other soft water fish with 18 aquariums holding 450 gallons.

Not only do we have a wide range of fish, but we have a 400 gallon plant system illuminated by seven Aquabeam 1500 NP LED’s. This is re-stocked with high quality Dutch potted & bunched plants delivered weekly.

Tropical fish are not available to purchase online and must be collected from our premises in Peterborough.