Lipstick Tang 8cm

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Lipstick Tang (Naso elegans)
AKA Naso Tang

Maximum size:
45cm rarely seen above 35cm

Suggested minimum aquarium size when adult:
500 litres

Easy- intermediate

Will eat frozen Mysis, Spirulina enriched Brineshrimp, Will usually take dry foods too, once settled.

Reef safe:
Yes, will graze on micro and macroalgae, but should be safe with all other reef aquarium inhabitants.

Usually peaceful with similarly sized fish, although don’t keep with similar looking species.

Other information.
Lipstick Tangs are active swimming species, provide plenty of open area.
There are two species of Lipstick Tang, this one Naso elegans has a gold coloured dorsal fin and Naso lituratus which almost identical, but has a black dorsal fin. Adult males have filament like extensions from the top and bottom of their tail fin.

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