Leopard Puffer 5cm

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Leopard Puffer (Canthigaster leoparda)

Maximum size:

Suggested minimum aquarium size when adult:
100 litres

Intermediate, due to it coming from deeper water than many other aquarium species.

Will eat frozen Mysis, Spirulina enriched Brineshrimp, may take dry foods once well settled. Adult specimens will also eat frozen Cockle in shell.

Reef safe:
No, high chance of it nipping or eating a wide range of sessile invertebrates as well as shrimp, crabs etc.

Usually a peaceful fish, although there are reports of it occasionally nipping fish with long fins, we have never experienced this behaviour in store. Mixes well with most fish, although avoid keeping with other Puffers, similar looking or fast-moving species.

Other information.
Leopard Puffer live in deeper water than many other small Puffers, so provide overhangs where they can seek shelter, if the aquarium brightly illuminated.

For more information about Leopard Puffers ask a member of staff in store.
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