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Kent Bio Reef Aquarium

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The Kent Bioreef from Interpet has a curved glass front and a hidden filtration system. It makes an ideal small marine aquarium, housing corals, shrimps and a few small fish. The lid of the aquarium houses two high output 36 watt T5 compact lamps, which provide sufficient light for many species of coral There are also 6 separately switched 1 watt white LEDs and four 0.5 watt blue LEDs to provide night lighting.
The unit uses a three-stage filter to ensure clear water and reduce the need for maintenance. The first stage removes suspended particles by circulating the water through a multi-level intake system, filter balls, and open cell foam. In the second stage, toxic fish waste is removed using Biomedia. The third stage uses carbon to remove organic material and give the water a final polish. Water temperature is controlled by a 200 watt thermostatic heater and water is drawn through the filter by a 1000 litre per hour pump.
The Kent Bioreef also includes the Kent Nano skimmer hidden in the filtration chamber. This removes many waste products as well as increasing oxygen levels
The Kent Bioreef is 50cm long X 60cm high X 55cm wide with a gross capacity of 94 litres,it is available in Black only.

Livestock and decoration is not included with any aquarium and is shown for illustration purposes only.
The Kent Bio Reef aquarium is currently only available for collection and payment in store.