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Copperband Butterfly 15cm+ Australian

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Copperband Butterfly (Chelmon rostratus)

Maximum size:

Suggested minimum aquarium size when adult:
300 litres


Will eat most frozen foods including Brineshrimp, Mysis and Cockle. Large individuals will eat live River shrimp. Natural predator of AIptasia

Reef safe:
Should be safe in a reef aquarium, but possibility of it nipping at SPS corals

Usually mixes well with other peaceful fish of a similar size. Do not keep with similar looking species, or with aggressive fish. If bullied this will put the Copperband off its food and result in starvation.

Other information.
Copperband Butterflies imported from Australia are much larger than those imported from other parts of the world. Their large size means they cope with the rigours of transport much better than smaller ones, despite the long transit time. We have found Copperbands imported from Australia feed readily and have good long-term survival rates in the aquarium.
We never get Copperband Butterflies from other areas of the world, despite them being considerably cheaper, as they refuse to feed and starve in 99% of cases.

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This is a library photo of a 15cm Copperband taken at The WaterZoo, exact appearance may differ due to natural variations and lighting conditions.
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