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Chaeto Algae Light Reactor

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The Chaeto reactor is designed to house Chaetomorpha algae outside the aquarium, growing this algae is a natural way to reduce phosphate and nitrate.
The cylindrical chamber has three compartments to hold the Chaeto with a high output waterproof 16 watt LED running through the centre. This gives ample light for the Chaeto to grow. This reactor requires a 1000-1500 litre per hour pumps (not included) to pass water through the unit and return it to the aquarium.
As the Chaeto grows remove some of it from the reactor taking phosphate and nitrate with it.

Suggested pump 1000 - 1500 litres per hour
Capacity 4.5 litres
LED 16w
Size 210mm x 170mm x 480mm high
Hosetail size 15mm (5/8")
The Chaeto algae light reactor is currently only available for collection and payment in store.