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Aquagro Co2 Expert Set

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The AquaGro CO2 expert set differs from the Hobby set by having a glass CO2 diffuser, non return valve and bubble counter instead of plastic.

The AquaGro CO2 expert set includes:-

TMC CO2'One Use' CO2Cylinder 95g
Disposable cylinder which provides a convenient and hassle-free supply of C02 allowing the immediate installation
and use of the CO2kit.
• TMC CO2'One Use' Cylinder Stand
Moulded stand designed specifically to ensure that th 'One Use' disposable C02 cylinder is kept vertically upright
and secure whilst in use.
• TMC CO2Pressure Regulator Nano
High precision nano C02 pressure regulator designed specifically for aquarium use.
• AquaGro CO2Diffuser
High quality diffuser which ensures the efficient and effective diffusion of CO2 within the aquarium.
• AquaGro C02 Bubble Counter
Good quality bubble counter which provides a simple and reliable visual indication of the amount of CO2being dosed to the CO2 diffuser and allows for accurate CO2 dosing.
• Non Return Valve
Effective valve which is used to prevent water flowing back from the aquarium to the CO2supply.
• Dosing PipetteCompact pipette which allows the bubble counter to be easily filled with water.
• AquaGro C02 FlexibleTubing 4/6mm in diameter and 2m long.
The Aquagro CO2 expert set is currently on available for collection and payment in store.