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Arcadia Sunlight T8 Led Lamp 600mm 9w

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The Arcadia Sunlight T8 LED has White LED’s provide a bright white light for that natural colour rendition, enhancing the rich greens in plants and supports aquatic plant life. Suitable for freshwater or marine set-ups. Rated at 8,000 Kelvin.

The new Arcadia T8 LED lamp simply replaces an existing fluorescent tube, unlike its competitors is does not require a separate power supply or any adaptations to the lighting fixture
To install the new T8 LED, switch off the power, remove the end caps from your fluorescent tube, dispose of your old lamp. Then place the end caps on the T8 LED tube and switch on the power.

Theses LED are a great way to save energy, they use around a 1/3 of the power of a fluorescent lamp, they also last much longer and don’t contain any toxic mercury. They will also give a ripple effect that is absent with fluorescent lamps. These lamps are IP67 rated, so are waterproof

Arcadia T8 LED lamps are only compatible with magnetic ballasts, these are generally heavy, and have an FSU. These LED lamps are NOT compatible with electronic ballasts.
Arcadia T8 LED lamps are currently only available for collection and payment in store.