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Aquavitro Ions 350ml

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A low magnesium level is a frequent occurence in reef systems. This low level is one of the reasons why pH is low when both calcium and alkalinity are at optimum levels. Magnesium will decline due to precipitation during kalkwasser addition or eleevated alkalinity. Biological utilisation may also be a factor in well stocked aquariums.
Ions restores magnesium by employing the most concentreted (90,000mg/l) fully dissolved magnesium and does so without adding any ammonia. Seachem's proprietary process makes Ions the first and only liquid magnesium supplement that does not contain ammonia. Ions also includes strontium and boron in the natural sewater ratio of 1:7:1 to avoid ionic imbalance with long term use.
Dosage 7ml per 125 litres, twice per week best used in conjunction with a magnesium test kit.
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