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Aquavitro Balance 350ml

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A frequent occurence in reef aquariums is a low pH, while calcium and alkalinity are at optimum levels. One reason for this could be an improper carbonate/bicarbonate ratio. The buffer ratio changes as a natural consequence of the buffer's ability to counteract acidifying sources, e.g. waste products from inhabitants.
Balance resets this ratio by converting bicarbonate into carbonate in order to reassert a higher pH without affecting calcium level.
Balance is an optimised blend of sodium and potassium hydroxides with the natural saltwater ratio of 27:1 of sodium to potassium to avoid imbalance with long term use.
Aquavitro offers other solutions developed to address raising the pH in a reef aquarium.
Dosage 7ml will raise the pH by around 0.1 in 75 litres of water.
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