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Aquael Leddy Slim 32w Marine

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The Leddy Slim are a range of versatile LED lamps designed for use on open topped freshwater and marine aquariums. They are mounted on the edge of an aquarium and area stylish alternative to the conventional aquarium hood.

Features of the AquaEl Leddy Slim

Easy to install, thanks to sliding brackets
Versatile, fit many sizes of aquarium including custom ones.
Ideal for aquarium plants and corals due to the carefully selected spectrum.
Long life, approx. 50,000 hours and energy efficient.
2 year guarantee

32w model suited to aquariums from 80-100cm, with glass up to 16mm. Marine units should be used in conjuction with the Leddy Slim Actinic for best effect.
Aquel Leddy Slim are currently only available for collection and payment in store.