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Aquael Hexaset 20 Litre Aquarium

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The AquaEl Hexaset 20 is a 20 litre hexagonal aquarium measuring 26cm across pane to pane, 30cm from corner to corner and 45cm high including hood in closed position.
It is supplied with suitable equipment* for keeping tropical freshwater fish. It includes a hood mounted filtration system, for easy access, fed by a 350 litre per hour pump. A 25 watt combined heater thermostat for maintaining the correct water temperature. Lighting is provided by an 9w IP67 energy saving compact fluorescent lamp, with inline switch. The hood can be fully opened for ease of access when cleaning, and there is also a feeding flap at the front of the aquarium.. Full instructions have been written by one of our experts at The WaterZoo.

*Other items will be required, e.g. thermometer, gravel, test kits etc.
PLEASE NOTE, water conditioners and food are shown for illustration purposes only and are not included.

60 litre Hexaset aquarium also available
The AquaEl Hexaset 20 is only currently available for collection and payment in store.