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Algarde Undergravel Filter 590 X 280mm

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An undergravel filter is placed directly on the base of the aquarium and a layer of gravel is spread over it to a depth of 25mm-50mm(1-2").
The design is such that the weight of the gravel seals the outer edges of the filter plate to the bottom of the aquarium, thus enabling only filtered water to enter the sub gravel area via the slots in the filter plate.
When the air lift which is attached to the undergravel plate has air pumped down via an air pump (not included) the rising air lifts water upwards from underneath the gravel and a circulation of water is created.
Any organic matter which is present in the water is drawn downwards onto the surface of the gravel where the micro-organisms, present at this level, break it down by a biological action and render it harmless. Frequent cleaning with a gravel cleaner is recommended to maintain efficiency.
The filter bed matures over a period of 4-6 weeks and probably represents the best artificial approximation of the streams and waters of the fish's natural habitat.

Sealed edges prevent gravel reaching sub-gravel region
Unique design ensures maximum area filtration
Does not require filter wool layer on top
Large diameter air lift, which can be fitted either end, can be removed for easy cleaning without disturbing undergravel plate. In larger undergravel filters two air lifts are supplied.
Made in several sizes which can be used singly or in multiples will fit standard range of aquaria.
For non standard sizes cut and overlap as required.
Can be used with power heads for greater water flow.

590mm x 280mm undergravel filter fits 24" x 12" aquarium
Undergravel filter includes:- perforated undergravel plate, uplift (approx 45cm), this can be cut to length, cylinder airstone and approx 1m of airline.
Algarde Undergravel filters are currently only available for collection and payment in store.