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WZ updates

Every few months we produce our own flyer called The WaterZoo update. This sent out to many WaterZoo bonus card holders via email, as well as published on our web site for visitors to download. Typically, it contains information about new products, special offers, as well as relevent short articles and news about whats going on at The WaterZoo.
All updates are PDF's. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader version 6.0 or later to open these files. This is available free from Adobe.
Please note, the information in our updates was correct at time of publication, but prices and specifcations may have changed. 
  WZ Update issue 1 2013
AI Lighting
Wave Point luminaire
Finding Nemo
Seachem Flourish Excel
Pure Marine Aquarium
New WaterZoo Bonus Card
WaterZoo update issue 2 2012
Penn Plax Aquariums
AquaHabitat Spy Lens
Voted best
Superfish Wave 15
Red Sea Reef Spec Lighting
New WaterZoo Bonus Card
WaterZoo update issue 2 2012
White Juwels
Chemipure Elite
Aquaray Easifit
Holiday fish care
New Esha Quick Test
Ready to use water
  WaterZoo update issue 2 2012
Interpet LED Pro
Pond Section open
Find us on Facebook
Tetra Easy Balance
Blanket Answer
New Era Tropical foods
Fluidised Reactor
AquaEl Classic 40
Web site upgrades
  WZ Update issue 4 2011

White Juwels
Fish care while away
New Era Foods
New website
Fluidised bed reactor
H2Ocean test kits
H2Ocean Pro+ foods
Affinity Patio pond

Classic 40 aquariums
Aquatlantis aquariums
Lighting upgrades
Christmas 2010 update
Double Points
Christmas opening times
Lighting upgrades