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Fishkeeping advice

Our fishkeeping advice section consists of literally hundreds of pages of advice. If you cannot find the advice you are looking for you can email The WaterZoo at , this will be replied to by one of our senior staff, we will try and respond as quickly as possible, but by the end of the next working day at the latest.
If you query is more urgent then you can call us on the number above, all our staff are fishkeepers themselves and have industry recognised qualifications, so you can talk to someone that has practical experience in the hobby.

At The WaterZoo we believe in providing our Customers with free easy to follow advice. We produce over 15 regularly updated guides helping resolve common problems, answer frequent questions in detail and make the hobby of fishkeeping easier to understand.
Answers to many common questions we are asked at The WaterZoo.
OATA guides
A series of over 40 guides and care sheets that will provide basic information on how to look after many types of fish and invertebrates.
Tetra guides
Lots of useful guides from Tetra, one of the world leaders in aquarium & pond care.
Short YouTube videos on setting up aquariums, as well as keeping coldwater, tropical and marine fish.