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Eheim Air Operated Filter

Eheim Air Operated Filter

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With the Eheim air operated filter, filtration is achieved in 2 ways. First, the powerful airlift draws water through the foam where organic debris in water adheres to the surface of the filter.
Secondly, whilst the large particles remain on the outer surface, smaller particles are drawn into the pores of the foam where bacteria break them down by biological action and render them harmless. This biological action can take up to 4 weeks from the initial installation of the filter before it becomes fully functional.

Instructions for use
Assemble the Eheim air operated filter and place in the aquarium. Then squeeze the foam several times until it becomes saturated with water.
Attach the Eheim air operated filter to the inside of the aquarium in an upright position by means of the suction cups.
Attach airline, from a small air pump (not included) and adjust the airflow to give a steady stream of bubbles.
The filter will start working immediately to remove water borne particles, but will take up to 4 weeks to become biologically active.

The Eheim air operated filter foam should be removed and rinsed with waste aquarium water in order to remove the accumulation of dirt within the filter element. Using aquarium water avoids destroying the beneficial bacteria that live within it.

This is a filter ONLY, you will require a small air pump e.g. Newair 1 or similar to operate the filter. A non return valve may also be required if the air pump is situated below water level.

See PDF instructions for Eheim air operated filter.