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Ea Freshwater Shrimp 120g

Ea Freshwater Shrimp 120g

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An excellent natural food for great colours, skin and growth. high nutritional value and easily digestible protein. Great for all larger fish as well as Terrapins. Approx size of this food is 10-15mm.

The 'Red Gammarus Pulex' freshwater shrimp is an ideal supplement to your fishes feed. They are high in digestible protein and carotene (vitamin A and it's provitamins) which stimulate the natural digestive process in fish. They contain a natural colour enhancer and have a high nutritional value.

Gammarus Pulex are only found in the cleanest, most unpolluted waters in the world. These particular shrimps are selected and harvested from the clearest streams in the Arctic. They cannot survive in any type of polluted water and so are very healthy and 'clean' food for your fish.