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Dennerle Npk Booster 100ml

Dennerle Npk Booster 100ml

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Dennerle NPK Booster contains highly active ingredients – effective immediately specifically for aquariums with low fish levels and lush plant growth for fast, strong, healthy growth
The addition of N – Nitrogen (Nitrate) and P = Phosphorus (Phosphate) is not necessary in normal community aquariums, because these substances usually end up in the aquarium in sufficient, or often even too high, volumes via the food.
In aquascaping aquariums the situation is different. They have exceptionally high nutrient requirements due to: dense planting many fast-growing species high light levels CO2-fertilisation, frequent partial water changes of 30-50% per week,
few fish, if any, but many shrimps and snails.
Dennerle NPK-Booster adds nitrate, phosphate and potassium in biologically balanced proportions, which means the nutrient proportions have been chosen so that all micronutrients are taken up by the plants in roughly equal proportions. This means that even with long-term, regular application both a deficiency and also the harmful accumulation of individual nutrients is avoided.
Pour the NPK Booster into the aquarium in an area with good water movement, after a water change. Screw the cap back on after use (do not rinse with aquarium water). We recommend checking the nitrate and phosphate content of the aquarium water regularly and dosing accordingly.

Each 5 ml per 100 litres will add 2.5ppm of nitrate, 0.1ppm of phosphate and 0.5ppm of potassium

Guidelines for planted aquariums
Nitrate 5-15ppm, Phosphate 0.1-0.4ppm, Potassium 5-10ppm