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Clearwaters 1000ml

Clearwaters 1000ml

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Nishikoi Clearwaters is an effective treatment for blanket weed in ponds. Clearwaters contains cultivated beneficial bacteria that cleans your pond in a natural way. Clearwaters is safe for all pond fish, plants and stimulates the biological filtration system.
Use Clearwaters for clear and healthy water for your fish and plants to thrive in.
Clearwaters is all natural, dissolves quickly and does not make the water milky, or precipitate on the bottom of your pond.
There is no need to use a sludge remover asa Clearwaters contains freeze dried bacteria thaty will decompose sludge and organic waste in a natural way, although decomposing blanket weed should be removed with a fine net.

How to use Clearwaters
First time use: 1 x 25ml spoon (included) for 500 litres (110 gal.), repeat after 14 days.

On going care, day 28 onwards: use 1 x 25ml spoon for 2000 litres (440 gal.) every fortnight. Mix the desired amount with pond water in a bucket or watering can and distribute evenly over the surface, avoid direct contact with pond plants.