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Classica 24 Hour Plug In Timer

Classica 24 Hour Plug In Timer

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The Classica 24 hour plug in timer, allows aquairum lighting to be switch on/off automatically. Shortest switching interval 15 minutes.

Light in the aquarium is only for our benefit when viewing it, but it is also a vital energy source for aquatic plants and live corals. To support their growth and well being an aquarium should recieve a minimum of eight hours of illumination every day. Even at times when you may not be there to appreciate the lighting. Normally an aquarium should not be illuminated for more than 12 hours as the may contribute to algae problems.
Most tropical or marine fish kept in aquariums originate from close to the equator where there is not a large seasonal change in daylight hours. Using the Classica 24 hour plug in timer allows your aquariums to have the same photoperiod thorughout the year.

Safety instructions
The Classica 24 hour plug in timer is for indoor use only and the maximum current should not exceed 3KW (13amps).
DO NOT touch the timer with wet hands. If equipment is connected directly to the aquarium incorporate a drip loop to reduce the possibility of water running along the cable into the electrical socket.
If in any doubt about the correct use or installation of this product consult an electrician.