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Blue Eye Tang

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Blue Eye Tang (Ctenochaetus binotatus)
AKA Bristletooth Tang

Maximum size:

Suggested minimum aquarium size when adult:
250 litres


Will eat frozen Mysis & Spirulina enriched Brineshrimp, will take dried foods readily when settled. Appreciates some vegetable matter e.g. dried seaweed.

Reef safe:
Considered reef safe. Will graze on algae

Bristletooth Tangs are arguably the most peaceful of the family. Don't keep with other fish of a similar body shape or colouration, but should mix well with other similar size fish. Could be kept in a shoal in a very large aquarium if all added at the same time.

Other information.
Smaller than many other Tangs so better suited to aquariums with less swimming room. Has a deep Blue Eye, hence its name. Ctenochaetus Tangs appear less prone to Whitespot than some other Tangs.

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