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Bellus Angel 7cm

Bellus Angel 7cm

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Bellus Angel (Genicanthus bellus)

Maximum size:
20cm Male 15cm female

Suggested minimum aquarium size when adult:
200 litres


Its natural diet is Plankton, in the aquarium it will eat most foods, including Frozen Brineshrimp, Plankton, Mysis, and dried foods when settled. Benefit from numerous small feeds.

Reef safe:
One of the few truly reef safe Angels.

Peaceful, do not keep with aggressive species, possibility of keeping in a pair or group consisting of one male and several females, all of which should be added at the same time.

Other information
Males are larger and have very different colouration to the females. Males are Yellow and white, females, blue and white. Bellus Angels come from deeper water than many aquarium fish, usually occurring between 20 and 100 metres, this can sometimes lead to swim bladder issues.

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This is a library photo of a 7cm Bellus Angel taken at The WaterZoo, exact appearance may differ due to natural variations and lighting conditions.