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Arcadia Zap-tasia 20ml

Arcadia Zap-tasia 20ml

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Zap-Tasia is a simple effective and quick solution for treating Aiptasia and Majano pest Anemones.
Simply feed a small amount of Zap-Tasia to the Aiptasia or Majano Anemones with the syringe provided, and within minutes they will disappear. No injections required.
Zap-Tasia is completely reef safe and will not harm corals or invertebrates.

Zap-Tasia directions
Firstly, switch off any water circulation prior to feeding the Aiptasia or Majano anemones.
Shake the bottle well before use. Should Zap-Tasia thicken add 3-5 drops of R.O. water to dilute.
Fill the supplied syringe with Zap-Tasia and the applicator tip.

For Aiptasia
Carefully position the applicator tip over the centre of the Anemone; feed the anemone a small amount of Zap-Tasia until it spreads from the centre to the base of its tentacles.

For Majano
Feed a small amount of Zap-Tasia at the centre of the Majano Anemone, there is no need to inject it with Zap-Tasia.

Both species of Anemone will consume Zap-Tasia and perish, no siphoning is required. Take care not to damage the Anemone during application as this may lead to re-growth.

Repeat the process for all Aiptasia and Majano’s in the aquarium then switch the water circulation back on.